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Onyx TREE STORM 6 is the newely released expanded version of a very popular plugin for ElectricImage Universe. It connects Onyx TREE creators to Universe, thus making all the power and functionality of all four OnyxTREE creators available to the user during the scene composition.

OnyxTREE STORM 6 is based on advanced, extremely powerful communication protocol which was invented by Bojana and Pjer. STORM communication protocol enables direct transfer of 3D vegetation from Onyx modelers to EIAS. And it makes the animation of wind and growth possible. Moreover, all the parameter changes made in any Onyx modeler will automatically register and the corresponding plant on the EIU scene will change accordingly. Besides its totally new concept and the new power that comes with it, new STORM also brings about some long awaited features like UVs for texture mapping, the mapping of real leaves, speed optimization for static trees, and 50% reduction of RAM requirements for modeling. It supports network rendering.

Key OnyxTREE STORM 6 Features
Supports BAMBOO, BROADLEAF, CONIFER, and PALM creators
Interactive changes of all plant parameters
Random variation
UV mapping coordinates
Natural leaves
Two preview modes

size: 7.22 MB

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