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3DS Max MasterClass Steering Clear of Photo Real

Topics include:

  • Modelling, lighting and shader considerations
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Dome lighting
  • Using final render
  • Cartoon shaders
  • Using falloff maps
  • Shading with a Bitmap image

3DS Max MasterClass Steering Clear of Photo Real

Release Notes :

When a client asks for photo-real but time or other constraints do not
permit it, going in a completely different direction often proves
beneficial. Cartoon looks as well as hard-edge mechanical looks can easily
be achieved using Autodesk« 3ds Max« and Autodesk« Combustion« software as
well as third-party solutions for both applications.

This DVD is for anyone wanting to output stylized animations that stay
clear of photorealistic.

Install/Crack Notes:


pass: www.specterworld.net

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