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3dsmax-stuff.blogspot.com_Vray 2.0 (2.00.01) For 3ds MAX 2009, 3ds MAX 2010, 3ds MAX 2011

Vray 2.0 (2.00.01) For 3ds MAX 2009, 3ds MAX 2010, 3ds MAX 2011

New features
• VRayMultiSubTex texture to allow different colors/textures based on surface material IDs and object IDs;
• VRayCarPaint material with advanced metalic flake simulation;
• VRayMetaSL material for direct rendering of MetaSL shaders.
• VRayExposureControl plugin for proper exposure of perspective and regular camera viewports;
• VRayLightMeter helper for lighting ****ysis;
• VRayLightSelect render element to hold the (direct) contribution of selected lights;
• VRayStereoRig that can be used together with the VRayStereoScopic helper to manually define the left and right cameras;
• VRayLensEffects render effect for producing realistic glow and glare;
• Filter Generator tool for generating glare maps for VRayLensEffects;
• VRayDistanceTex texture to measure the distance to arbitrary polygonal objects;
• VRayDRBucket render element to show which machine rendered a given bucket;
• Support for tiled mip-mapped OpenEXR files in VRayHDRI;
• img2tiledexr tool for mass conversion of textures to tiled OpenEXR files for use with VRayHDRI;
• Support for shade maps in the VRayStereoScopic helper;
• Support for dispersion for refractions in VRayMtl;Support for camera distortion based on .vrlens files;
• Lens ****yzer tool for generating distortion .vrlens files from photographs;
• Light lister for V-Ray lights;
• Added the various V-Ray components in the “Create” menu


Vray 2.0 (2.00.01)  For 3ds MAX 2009 32bit & 64bit


Vray 2.0 (2.00.01)  For 3ds MAX 2010 32bit & 64bit


Vray 2.0 (2.00.01)  For 3ds MAX 2011 32bit & 64bit




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