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3dmaxstuff.com_Architectural Vray Rendering Tutorials

Architectural Vray Rendering Tutorials

Rar size 2.56 Gb;
Format scenes in max | tutorials in PDF;


Interior Illumination with 3dsMax & VRay
Outdoor Exterior Lighting with 3dMax & VRay
Aversis VRay Training


This training bundle includes descriptions the process of creating architectural visualization by artists who use 3ds Max and VRay. Items of training materials - Interior Illumination with 3dsMax & VRay, Outdoor Exterior Lighting with 3dMax & VRay, Aversis VRay Tutorials. Also additional scenes in max format and textures included.

Download links for Architectural Rendering Vray Tutorials & Scenes

From Turbobit

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May 30, 2012 at 2:15 AM


please upload to a host that is more user friendly like MF or Jumbo files...thanks

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